Friday, December 24, 2010

Boxing Day Bargains

It's tradition in Melbourne to evacuate houses on Boxing Day and show rampant support for consumerism by giving oneself the "bargain hunter" status and embracing the wilderness of shopping centres to find that elusive bargain during the Boxing Day Sale. Often though, in this as-yet unofficial competitive sport, you enter a store where the pickings are slim and great bargains elsewhere pass you by...

To avoid that very situation, The Melbourne Minute has compiled a list of places known to discount items like crazy.

Dick Smith/Tandy Electronics

Having previously worked for this retail chain, I can personally vouch for the fact that certain items are literally given away at cost price! Not everything is on special but if you're the sort that likes to decorate your house so that it can be seen from space, you're in luck. Now is the time to stock up on X-mas lights. Toys are the other big items to get heavily discounted. During the September/October period, the electronics store get an oversupply of toys (especially remote controlled cars) to cater for the Xmas period. They gather dust during the rest of the year so there's always a concentrated effort to get rid of them early.

Myer/David Jones

Myer is infamous for it's crazy Boxing Day antics: Almost every section of the store has bargains that make you wonder just how much money they must be making off you during their normal trade practices. The deals change every year, but they're usually very good!

Just like Myer, David Jones usually does some crazy discounting too. Maybe I am biassed, but I tend to find slightly better bargains at Myer. However, if you happen to be a Dj's shareholder, you can always stack on your normal shareholder discount...


This is probably one of the best years for fashion shopping in Melbourne. The 2010/2011 summer has already produced erratic weather, making it unusually cold/rainy for this period. Because of this, many fashion retailers are finding it hard to move items. Oxford is known for it's quality fashionwear and I just happen to know that it will be selling certain ~$800 suits for around $200. Get in early to make sure your size is in stock!

Online shopping caused a flurry of news activity during this holiday period, so this is a nod to the new kid on the block. Catch of the day has bargains everyday, but they usually have something special cooked up for special days. I know I'll be checking there tomorrow! Besides, this is one place you don't have to wait in line...

Other notable places

Here's a link to The Age article on some other discounts that are going to happen tomorrow:


Dick Smith/Tandy
- X-mas lights
- Toys (esp. remote controlled toys)

Myer/David Jones
- store wide savings
- great fashion deals

- ~$800 suits for $200
- heavily discounted current fashion lines
- bargains everyday!

Hope you get great bargains!

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