Thursday, November 25, 2010

Free Parking for the Privileged

I'm sure it's an old adage that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, but now I'm beginning to see why!

Take for example, this current offer from American Express: If you have one of their platinum express charge cards, you're entitled to free valet car parking at specific Westfield Shopping Centres. That's right:


I just had to do that to make this look more like a newspaper- sorry I'm trying to make this site look pretty! Anyway, my point was this: as a lay person, you're out and about and you see these signs for valet parking and wonder "Man, I wish I was that rich that I could afford it!"

But guess what?!

The rich pricks get it for free! So, the poor sod, who just wants to show off, goes and pays for it (and possibly gets laughed at by the Valet staff since he's actually paying) when the guys with the Mercs and BMW's aren't losing a cent.

For anyone who's reading this who actually has a Platinum American Express Charge Card, please go and smile smugly and enjoy your new benefit- it's valid til March 2011. Just spare a thought for us lesser fortunates. Maybe you'd like to buy us parking instead?

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