Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Soul Mama - Vegetarian restuarant

Stuck taking out vegetarian friends for dinner? Wish you could be biting into a nice steak, but instead have to settle for plant material? Then you may as well go for some nice vegetarian food at the least.

Soul Mama's is a restaurant located in St Kilda near the pier in the St Kilda sea baths. It is upstairs and has a great view of the ocean via a giant window from the restaurant. My first recommendation is to call, and make a booking, requesting a table by the window, it will make the meal that much nicer. The drinks menu is quite extensive, but be warned, the cool sounding juices are actually premade bottles, not freshly made (a bit of a dissapointment since you'd think a vegetarian joint would take their fruits with some seriousness).

The food service itself is quite interesting. You simply decide how many "curries" you want to have for your meal - 3, 4, or 5. You prepay this, then go to the front where they have various different vegetarian concoctions, ala a food court, and you simply pick out what you want (number depending on how much you prepaid) then they serve it out to you with rice. If your in a hurry or starving, this works great. On the contrary if your lazy and want food brought to your fatass to eat, then this probably doesn't work quite so well. On the topic of the food, its all very global with different influences in every dish. Even to a non-vegetarian, the food was actually quite nice, and being able to see and choose the food definately worked well. I personally ended up with kofta, tofu, eggplant tarts, and some mixed vegie curry. Overall very yummy, except the tofu was a bit plain.

In summary, if your stuck needing a vegetarian restaurant, i'd definately give this place the thumbs up.

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